We have put this website together to serve as an educational tool for our patients and also to open another channel of communication between you and our staff and doctors. We hope you will benefit from the information we offer here and use it as a continuous reference to tool.

This is a typical case of sclerotherapy as treatment for spider veins and reticular veins. As you can see the procedure is fairly painless and the results obtained are excellent in most cases.



Under the leadership of Dr. Galtes the Homestead Vein Center has been engaged in diagnosing and treating venous disease. We offer a full range of services that provide a comprenhensive approach to our patients problems. From venous ablation and ambulatory phlebectomy to sclerotherapy we have established a program to offer it all.
We believe that a well informed patient will not only be able to participate in the healing process but also have the right expectations regarding the plan of treatment. That is why our initial consultations are extensive and we use the time to explain the nature of the problem as well as the alternatives of treatment and expected results.


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